Combined Mental Health Care Declaration & Mental Health POA

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A combined mental health care declaration and mental health POA is similar to a durable health care power of attorney. However a mental health care declaration and POA can be utilized for more specific instructions regarding your desires for mental health care and treatments if they become medically necessary.

While most people think of a will when they think of estate planning, other estate planning tools including a combined mental health care declaration and mental health [ . . . ]

Living Will Overview

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A living will can be utilized by you to communicate your desires to your designated agent and health care provider. A living will only gives power to the agent if your attending physician determines that you lack the ability to understand or communicate health care decisions. You must also be permanently unconscious or have and end-stage medical condition that will result in death, even with the continuation of medical treatment. A living will can also [ . . . ]

Trusts Overview

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There are several different types of trusts that can be instituted to address specific needs. Make an appointment with Mentch Law to discuss if a trust is right for you.

Trusts are important estate planning tools that can be utilized for several purposes, including but not limited to providing for minors, providing for special needs handicapped individuals with either a physical disability or a mental disability, asset protection or preserving assets, inheritance tax strategies, achieving charitable [ . . . ]

Digital Assets in Estate Planning Overview

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Digital assets are often overlooked, but have become very important and should likely be addressed in both your will and power of attorney (POA). Historically, executors under wills or agents under POA’s (fiduciaries) would simply check files and incoming postal mail to address things such as bank accounts, investment accounts, 401k’s, credit cards, utility bills, mortgages, and other open accounts. However, life in current times has in many instances become much more complex, more spread [ . . . ]

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